Discounted Telescope Mirror Blanks, Mirror Grinding Tools, and odd-sized blanks

Discounted Mirror Blanks - Big Savings! TelescopeMirrorBlanks.Com sells discounted mirror blanks which have a few more surface scratches than normal, or more than average edge chipping - these mirror blanks are perfectly usable, just a bit "aesthetically challenged" and these cosmetic flaws will in no way affect the final mirror surface quality. The economically minded mirror maker can have these at significant savings. Discounted blanks are tested for internal stress, just like regular blanks - keep in mind that any mirror blank on the discount blank list is ok for making a mirror on at least one side - only blanks sold as "tools" would (commonly) not be made into a mirror.

Mirror Grinding Tools These are glass blanks which have flaws (usually edge chips)large enough that they will not fully bevel out - though most could still be made into a fine telescope mirror, they are being sold as grinding tools - if you make a mirror from them, no one will complain. These chipped blanks make GREAT telescope mirror grinding tools - no mussing and fussing with ceramic tiles!

Odd-Sized Mirror Blanks: Sometimes mirror blanks are made which miss the mark size-wise - a little under, or a little over the size intended. These one-off blanks are offered at a discount.

If you want one of the above items, please write us saying the RANGE of blank you are looking for, for example "I need a blank between 5 and 8 inches" to find out what's on the shelf.

For telescope mirror making KITS, with 2 (TWO) glass mirror blanks and all abrasives, check our telescope mirror kits webpage